Beame road trip’s it along the N3 with Max Cromarty

Johannesburg to KwaZulu-Natal

Route Sixty-Something – Jozi to Durbz, round back

Happy Human Rights Day! Let’s enjoy this sunny public holiday, but let’s also ask ourselves, “What does it really mean though?”

I’ll explain. As South Africans, being an advanced bunch, we have the right to drive a car, or a bakkie, or even trekker as jy will. As South Africans, we also have a close-on-infinite network of roads, leading us into the boundless brilliance that is our land. Thing is, the most important part of the public holiday title is missing! Not anymore baby! I present to you, ‘Human Roadtrippin’ Rights Day’.

Applying logic, 21 March was really coined for us South Africans to hop in our trusty chariots (don’t you just love your car?) and make damn sure we’re exercising our hard-earned right to drive our cars and explore our roads. Who knows where they may lead us? Well, we do, coz we’ve just been there, and here’s what we found.