Who is Beame?

Stolen Vehicle and Asset Recovery, Simply Sorted!

Beame, a MiX by Powerfleet Brand, is one of South Africa’s most loved, reliable wireless recovery devices – a small and totally affordable way of keeping your vehicle and moveable assets safe while on the move.

Beame boasts one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. As a South African-born brand, having revolutionised the wireless tracking industry in 2011, Beame is known for its guaranteed reliability and true convenience – loved by all that have one.

There’s nowhere in South Africa that Beame won’t go to keep your vehicle and moveable assets safe!

What is Beame?

Beame is a small, fully mobile recovery device that fits easily into a vehicle or any other moveable assets, including motorbikes, quadbikes, trailers, caravans and bicycles, ensuring that they can be easily recovered if stolen. What makes Beame even more awesome, is that it is almost impossible to locate once installed, making it difficult for criminals to remove. Now that’s what we call innovation!

How will it change my life?

Beame customers enjoy convenience and simplicity in its truest form, from online purchasing and quick installations, to the Beame Smartphone App that enables subscribers to check the status of their unit’s battery, report a stolen vehicle or asset – and so much more.

What else do I get?

Beame is the solution for all your stolen vehicle recovery needs, including on-the-road benefits such as Beame Protect. By registering for Beame Protect’s value-added services, customers have access to the following additional benefits:

  • Accident Assist
  • Fines Assist
  • Licence Assist
  • Pothole Assist
  • Bail Assist

Why Beame?

  • Totally affordable
  • Beame will not affect your vehicle’s electronic warranty
  • Enables stolen vehicle recovery throughout South Africa
  • Access to Beame’s Recovery Services 365 days-a-year
  • No hidden costs when a real recovery is made for stolen or hi-jacked vehicles
  • When your unit battery runs low, you will be notified
  • Due to radio frequency technology, Beame protects your vehicle against most signal jammers