Frequently asked questions
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What do I do in an emergency?

If your vehicle has been stolen or hijacked, call us on 0860 BEAME1 (0860 232 631) or via the Beame Smartphone App and our dedicated recovery team will begin the search for your vehicle as soon as we get the call.

What is the cost to settle my Beame contract?

Settling is simple. Please be advised that we have reviewed the early termination fees for 2018. Effective from 1 April 2019 the new early termination fees are applicable - 0-6 months: R900, 7-12 months: R550, over 12 months: R300. Settling a month-to-month contract is even easier, simply send a letter of cancellation to our retentions team at and we'll have you sorted. Be sure to send us one month’s written notice and you won’t be charged again after that month.

Are early termination fees applicable?

Early termination fees are applicable as per the table below for Beame customers. Early Settlement Bundled Contracts (Inclusive of VAT)

Product Type Up to 6 Months 7-12 Months Over 12 Months
Beame R900,00 R550,00 R300,00

What is the warranty on the Beame device?

Lifetime warranty, of course! Just as long as it's in the same vehicle it was originally fitted to as per the initial contract and all monthly subscriptions are up to date.

Why am I not able to get a current position on my Beame device?

We know that your vehicle is important to you, so we'll recover it for you. By using sophisticated equipment to find the location of your stolen vehicle, we are able to recover it for you. You won’t be able to track the position of your vehicle on a map, but rest assured, Beame uses advanced technology to find and recover your stolen vehicle.

How do I know if my Beame device is working?

Conducting a self-test on your device is easy. Simply download the Beame Smartphone App from the Google Play Store (Android users) or The App Store (iPhone users) to test your unit and access all Beame's services. Simply sorted. For your login details, please email, call 0860 BEAME1 (232 631) and select option 2 once a month to check that your Beame unit is in working order.

Does the Beame device have the internet tracking feature?

While you can't track the movements of your vehicle online, our excellent recovery rate shows that we've always got our eyes on your moveable assets. The Beame device is specifically designed for recovery purposes.

Is it possible to have the Beame device removed and fitted into another vehicle?

Your Beame device can't be moved from one car to another. If you would like a Beame device installed in your new vehicle, simply let us know and we will arrange an installation for your new asset. You will be required to settle or cancel your agreement, sign on the dotted line and once finalised, your new Beame device will be installed.

Am I able to retrieve a movement report on my Beame device?

Our trained consultants are able to find your vehicle in the event that it has been stolen or hijacked, but there are no reports available. The recovery of your movable asset is Beame’s main priority.

What is Beame Protect?

A service designed to assist you with the admin that comes with having an accident, receiving a fine, hitting a pothole, renewing a licence or having to post bail. For more information, visit our Beame Protect page.

Where can I obtain my insurance certificate?

A copy of your insurance certificate will be sent to you via email once your Beame device has been installed. You will be required to send an email to in case you need another copy or request your certificate via the Beame App.

How do I access the APP?

Download our Beame Smartphone App from the Google Play Store (Android users) or The App Store (iPhone users) to request your certificate and to access all Beame's services. For your login details, email Keep an eye out for new features and value added services, available on the Beame Smartphone App.