Your wheels is my business

Beame is the smallest, wireless stolen vehicle tracking device on the market, backed by a dedicated recovery team that will find your wheels whenever, wherever.

Beame is lightweight with radio frequency technology and is powered by a battery that lasts for a minimum of 3 years, after which we’ll replace it for you – FOR FREE*! It’s super quick to install because it’s a wireless vehicle tracking device. This makes it exceptionally easy to hide and won’t affect your vehicle’s electronic warranty.

  • Great Price
    You get revolutionary technology at a great price!
  • Wireless
    Makes it easy to hide, without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty.
  • Quick Installation
    Before you can say, "I wonder how long these very professional looking guys will take to install it", it will be in.
  • Insurance
    Most insurers will be so impressed by your decision that they'll lower your premium if you send them a Certificate of Installation.
  • National Network Coverage
    Your vehicle is tracked anywhere you go in South Africa, 24/7 365 days a year and one extra day in a leap year, of course!
  • Dedicated Recovery Teams
    Call us 24/7 and we'll dispatch our professional recovery agents immediately.
  • Free Recovery
    When a real recovery is made for stolen and/or hijacked vehicles, you won't have to pay a cent!
  • Confidence Checks
    You’re welcome to call us once a month to check that your Beame is working.
  • Low Battery Alert
    Your Beame has a 3-year battery life. When your unit battery runs low, you will be notified.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We'll even install a new Beame when yours needs replacement - FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Smart App
    Our app now makes it even easier for you to test your unit and access all Beame's services. Simply sorted.

There are so many ways to purchase your Beame. In as little as 48 hours, you will find yourself Simply Sorted:

The Beame vehicle tracking device uses a phone-in vehicle recovery service. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen or hijacked, simply contact us to report the incident. Our professionally trained car tracking and recovery crew will begin the pursuit of finding your vehicle and returning it safely to you.

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