Modern life can be complicated, getting your
vehicle recovered shouldn’t be.
Beame, Stolen Vehicle Recovery simply sorted.

  • If your Beame needs to be replaced, we will install it for you, free of charge
    T&C's apply

    Lifetime warranty

  • Smart technology at an incredible price of only R142.22pm


  • Easy to hide without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty


  • Not being connected to your vehicles power supply, means fast, hassle-free installation

    Quick installation

  • Beame can
    detect jamming to alert the Control Centre, ensuring continuous visibility to combat vehicle theft

    Jamming Detect

Who is Beame?

  • Smaller, simpler and totally affordable, Beame is your solution to stolen vehicle recovery.

If you’re on the look-out to get your vehicle’s recovery needs taken care of without the hassle, Beame is just the solution for you! From only R142.22pm, Beame uses the latest in smart wireless technology, making it easy to hide without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty. Powered by Beame’s national network, our specialised recovery agents will help recover your stolen vehicle and bring it back safely to you.

Maintaining one of the industry’s highest stolen vehicle recovery rates, its compact size and quick installation time, means Beame is suited to recover almost any vehicle type.

Want to find out more? Our consultants are ready to assist you and are just a click away to assist you, simply drop us your details here.

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Beame can be installed in any vehicle type

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