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  • Accident Assist

    Everyday, countless road users become victims of car accidents on South African roads, sustaining injuries and suffering loss - a harsh reality to face. Beame Protect offers you relief, recovery and representation in the form of Accident Assist. Not only does it provide you and your family with immediate access to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims management system, ensuring a 100% recovery pay back, but it also alleviates the hassle of administrative nightmares, saving you time, effort and the dreaded paperwork! Read more

    For the duration of your claim, you will receive:
    • Legal representation
    • Administration and claims management
    • Accident reconstruction
    • Required medico-legal reports
    • Required actuarial reports
    • Past and future loss of earnings report
    • Past and future loss of support reports
  • Fines Assist

    Did you know that South Africans receive a traffic fine approximately every two months? To ensure that you’re never in trouble at a road block, Beame Protect offers you Fines Assist. Receive alerts for any new traffic fines with an easy and pain-free way to settle them. Read more The best part? You will receive a guaranteed discount on your fine!

    Fines Assist offers you:
    • Secure online payment
    • 100% of all discounts or discounts will be given back to you
    • Full legal and administrative support and representation for all matters relating to traffic fines
  • Licence Assist

    License Assist offers you an effortless solution to renew your license disc quickly and easily. You will be notified of any pending license renewals, provided with a quick and easy way to renew them, along with the added benefit of getting your license delivered right to your door. Read more

    License Assist offers you:
    • A quick and efficient license monitoring and notification system
    • The convenience of not having to fill in long and complicated forms
    • License renewal fees payment at the Post Office on your behalf so that you do not have to
    • Proof of Payment for license renewals
    • Delivery of renewed licenses to you
    • Assistance with licenses that are lost or stolen
    • You will never have to pay any penalty fees for license renewals
  • Pothole Assist

    Beame Protect offers you Pothole Assist to ease the financial burden of South African motorists who have to pay for damage to tyres, mags and rims caused by potholes and roadworks. Read more Pothole Assist aims to recover 100% of this money from the relevant Road Authorities, nationwide.

    For the duration of the claim, you receive:
    • Complete management of the claims process to obtain maximum possible compensation for tyres, wheel rims and mags damaged as a result of potholes or roadworks in SA
    • Free case management and claim settlement facilitation with all the relevant roads management authorities
    • Proactive follow-ups to make sure potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents
    • 100% of all pay-outs from the Road Authorities with no additional costs to you
    • Guaranteed exclusive discounts on tyre related products such as tyre replacement and normal wear and tear from Tiger Wheel & Tyre
  • Bail Assist

    Assistance in posting bail for a minor offences. Bail Assist is an innovative service that provides you with assistance in times of trouble. With 24/7 availability and access of up to R3000 in funds, Bail Assist ensures that you do not have to spend unnecessary time behind bars. Read more Our expert team is always ready to provide you with full legal and administrative support.

    For the duration of the claim, you receive:
    • 24/7 and 365 day a year call centre support if you are arrested and require bail
    • Legal advice and representation on your rights and posting bail
    • Assistance by contacting the police officer on duty to verify the arrest and bail details
    • Contact with your family to advise them of bail assistance
    • Assistance on your behalf where we ensure that we report to the relevant police station to post bail on your behalf
    • After bail follow up and assistance.
*T&C’s apply