Yet another Beame handover!

In the third prize giving of the Beame and DSTV competition, the Beame team headed to Benoni to congratulate our latest lucky contestant on his fabulous fortune. Thus far, Beame had already been generous enough to give away a brand new Polo Vivo and Honda Quad Bike, and today was the last of the Gauteng winners – walking away with a brand spanking new Jurgens Trailer.

The team left the MiX Telematics offices in Midrand and set course for Benoni where Mr Shaun Mileham patiently awaited. On arrival, it was out with the champagne, sun visor and keys for a special delivery to our winner.

Standing in the parking area at his workplace was the shiny trailer with all the bells and whistles any camper would appreciate. Mr Mileham advised that he was “very happy” and looking forward to trying out his newest accessory. The prize was very fitting to our front-runner, he enjoys travelling to the Kruger Park with his children and with the holidays coming up, this trip was bound to take place sooner rather than later.

What a trio, a father with two children, all three who love to camp and now a trailer with all the bells and whistles to allow for everything and the kitchen sink. Mr Mileham did confess that space has always been a problem on their trips, but not anymore!

Congratulations again to our winner… may you and your family share many happy moments.