Get a Beame: Terms and Conditions (Beame short V2 Apr 2012)

(This is the simplified version – the formal ones can be found on our website at If you accept these, it implies you accept the formal ones as well).


1. MiX Telematics Africa (Pty) Ltd. ìMiXî provides the support for your Beame.
2. Beame is there to help MiX recover your vehicle if it is stolen or hi-jacked. Neither your, nor your vehicle’s safety is guaranteed because you have
a Beame.
3. MiX will try to recover your vehicle when you ask them to, which you should do as soon as possible after your vehicle has been stolen or
hi-jacked. MiX cannot guarantee that your vehicle will be recovered.
4. Your vehicle has a valid number plate.
5. You have to give MiX the SAPS case number as soon as you can, to ensure that justice is done.
6. You should not call in a false recovery (unconfirmed hi-jacking or theft) as recovery teams are armed and dangerous. There is a risk of injury
or damage to property and you will be charged for it.
7. Getting your vehicle to an authorised fitment centre is the only cost you have for a repair. The unit is replaced free of charge.
8. You will not modify or tamper with the Beame.
9. Ensure that you inform MiX of any changes in contact details via any of the following electronic communication tools (e-mail or voice recorded
phone calls). If you don’t, you cannot hold MiX liable for communication not received.
10. It is in your best interest to read information that you receive from MiX, and if so required to react on such information.
11. The amount agreed with you is payable on the first day of the month, or alternative date agreed on with MiX.
12. You have to provide your ID number to prove that you are entering into this agreement in your personal capacity. If you have not done so, MiX
will accept that you are a Corporate Customer, and you will not have the protection provided by the Consumer Protection Act.


13. To endeavor to locate and recover the vehicle when it has been reported as stolen or hi-jacked.
14. MIX is under no obligation to deliver the service if a false incident has been reported.
15. Upon its recovery, MiX will hand your vehicle over to the SAPS.
16. MiX is under no obligation to supply the service or replace any equipment if you are in default of any obligation to MiX.
17. MiX will let you know when the battery on the unit dies.


18. MiX is allowed to increase the fee annually at 8% or CPI, whichever is the greater.
19. If you have taken your unit on the bundle plan and your agreement is terminated within the 36 months term, MiX may charge you early
termination penalties.
20. MiX may charge you for false alarms and false recoveries.
21. If you are not using your vehicle or it has been in an accident and therefore inoperable, you remain liable for the costs in terms of the agreement.


22. You or MiX may terminate the agreement with 20 working days’ written notice.
23. Under Bundle plan, MiX remains the owner of the unit. If you terminate within 12 months, you will need to pay R399, between 12 and 24
months R299 and after 24 months R199 as termination fee. The unit cannot be removed and will be de-activated.
24. Beame has a lifetime warranty – if the battery dies and the Beame is in the same car it was installed to originally, and belongs to the same
owner, MiX will replace it free of charge.
25. There is no warranty in case of fluid damage, damage, tampering or negligence.
26. MiX is not liable for any damages, losses or consequential losses to the subscriber, a third party or property belonging to the subscriber, due to
any reason, including negligence by MiX.
27. The fitment centre is not an agent of MiX and you cannot hold MiX liable for the actions of the fitment centre.
28. MiX can suspend service if you are in breach of your obligations.
29. You agree that MiX may use your information to provide you with the service, assess your ability to meet your obligations and to share info with
a credit bureau.
30. You are a valuable customer of MiX, and we will protect your information.

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