Beame road trip’s it along the N1 with Adel Groenewald

Johannesburg to Cape Town

As it goes with finding my way around Johannesburg, my road trip started out in the wrong direction. Who would’ve thought that it’s possible to get lost when you’re already on the N1 heading to Bloemfontein? With a rental car, Gauteng’s roads, and me, apparently it’s quite easy.

I found my way eventually and started my adventure from Johannesburg to Cape Town over three days in a tiny little Hyundai i10 and nothing but the local radio stations to keep me company. My plan was to find interesting places to stop along the N1, but also a little further off the main highway. Because it was not about getting from JHB to CT as fast as I can, it was about making an adventure out of it.

As it turns out, there are loads beautiful dams, parks, reserves and towns to explore between these two major cities. Most of them not even 2km off the main road. It turns an arduous trip into something memorable. Stopping at some of these places makes the road trip part of the holiday and not just a means to an end.